Sunday, 20 April 2014

Rockgoblin 2014.


That was a terrible night – the kind of dreadful behaviour you never get at a respectable pub like Weatherspoons. After I left the Hob, I passed JD’s and there they were out on the street – a lot of young people who had obviously really enjoyed their long night in a pub that does not allow music. I wonder if they’d been playing chess – it certainly looked like it.

I, on the other hand, was shocked by what I saw at the Hobgoblin;

When I tried to report this, I was told to ‘go and see security’. Up to now they’ve always been very polite to me – but this was the response I got on Saturday night;


It was an amazing night – fancy dress, 7 great bands, and an atmosphere unique to the Hob.

Here’s a rundown of intimate London venues;

The Marquee; gone

The Half Moon, Putney; sad covers bands.

The 100 Club – lost its way.

Ronnie Scotts; commercialised out of existence.

I could go on and on.

What’s left are pubs who only put on music because they are desperate to get punters like me in through the door and don’t really care too much as long as the price is right.

Once in a while you find a music pub which gives a damn – on Tuesday I’ll be down The Horns in Watford to see the Fabulous Sha La la’s. That’s a good pub with some good bands and a really expensive sound system.

But it’s not The Hob; I go to the Horns because I want to see the band that’s playing. I go to The Hob to see music I don’t like because I know that whatever it is there’s going to be something special in there…..somewhere.

Friday I went to see Drum and Bass. I rarely regret my Blogs, but the review I did yesterday really didn’t do it justice.

It’s specialised dance music – it’s music I like but I’m old and it’s something I’m never normally going to see. I’m not going to be going clubbing now, am I?

It’s not something you’d ever want to listen to on CD/download; it’s a live experience, different every time.  

That’s the point, it’s all about the mix, the lights, the atmosphere.

So the chance to wander up the road and spend a night lost in music, drowning in sound is something really special.

The range of music at the Hob covers everything – once in a while there are even things I like; I’ve had the occasional MOD nights, skanked to the SkaSouls, there’s been Soul and Funk (like a bit more of that please – I have a list of great bands), anarchic street theatre/politics, punk rock.

And it’s a venue for young local bands, week in, week out. I’ll be plugging The Hob’s mid May showcase for young talent like mad, later on – that’s important.

So respect to you:

Ally Garnett, Paul Mundy and Jensen Nightingale.

Saturday Night?

I’ve only got blurry pictures, got barged about, seem to have lost my voice somewhere along the way, haven’t got broadband, wasn’t drinking, spent 7 and a half hours on my feet……how do you think I feel?


And it’s interesting; the bands I’ve seen before have evolved and changed. So have I.

I’ll do the reviews a bit later on.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

In case you’re wondering, this Blog doesn’t take free drinks/free entry/sponsorship/bribes.

This Blog doesn’t give a #.

Never did, never will.

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