Friday, 11 April 2014

Right place, right time.

So I’m a little late with Monday’s Jazz review……

I thought I’d take a look from a different view – the view from the side;


On the left, firmly in the zone, is Trevor Tomkins on drums and musical organiser of the club. Next to him, also in the same zone is the celebrated pianist Nicky Weldon playing the bass tonight.

Then on keyboards is the magnificent Leon Greening. It’s early in the evening. As the night goes on he usually gets more and more hunched over the keys until his hair is almost touching them. Leon plays Jazz on the blues side and has his own group which I aim to see when I get my act together.

Saxophone – that’s Karen Sharp.

There should have been a fifth player but she wasn’t able to make it but that was my good luck because I prefer a quartet to five.

It also helped that there was a tension in the air that you could feel and I’m afraid Jazz thrives when it has an edge to it.

Best of all Leon Greening had the time he needs to get into the groove and Karen Sharp is often too polite – this time she held the sax by the throat.

It was a special evening – one of those nights when you know that you happened to be at the right place.

I’m posting this the night before I normally do – I have a little medical appointment rather too early Friday morning.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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