Sunday, 13 April 2014

Not much news, really.

Sunday morning but a very different Sunday morning feeling after a late, late Saturday night.

Last night I was out, but I was at a memorial meeting for a bunch of atheists to celebrate the life of ReneƩ Sams, a fine old comrade of mine who died last year. A veteran of so many struggles, a quiet and hard working person who took on the rich and powerful.

So there was talk late into the night. Memories of old battles and fallen comrades. But also plans for the future – old people plotting how to cause trouble on the net, how to get digital.

Always the future.

And I’ve got my plans too….one of the features of having cancer is making preposterous and foolish plans that can never happen. I’m no different.

I may have failed in my battle with the hospital but I have still have some plans up my sleeve. Of course I can’t actually tell you about them, the net has ears. But this time I need some help and I’m getting it. More on that later.

In my own life, I have my impossible plans too and most of them never get anywhere either. There’s something exciting coming up but this time I’ve decided to keep quiet about that too – don’t want to spook it like I did last time.

So not much news, really.

Except this week is great;

16/4/14 The Halfway House, Barnes.

The reflections

This is an eight piece Soul band (Motown and Northern Soul) that has come highly recommended to me.


The Hobgoblin, Staines – ‘Rockgoblin’. That’s 7 bands and 3 DJ’s from 5pm to 3am. Will I last till 3?


Again at the Hobgoblin – a night of Techno and electric dance (DJ’s, a percussionist). Not my kind of thing, but hey, I have a walking stick and the night is still young.

And there’s more, we’ll see.

ZFive Alive

On tour: 17-3-14 to 21-4-14

The High-s (Twice)                                                                    Scott Freeman

Throat Cut City                                                                          Bright Light City

Girl in the Garden                                                                     BRD

20 Yards behind                                                                        Devil Neck                           

T and the Mugs                                                                         Pete Davies Quartet

Trevor Tomkins Quintet (thrice)                                             The SkaSouls                                     

The Jeff Mack Quartet.                                                            The Reggulaters

Official sponsor;


Cancer Drug Fund


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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