Friday, 10 June 2016

72000 Thanx!

Once again, thanks are due for keeping this Blog alive.

Apart from being a Blog that really should be called "Getting lost with Robyn and Neil", the point is to publicise problems at my local hospital; so that when people search for it, this Blog comes up close to the top.

If they know people are watching it may stop them doing the kind of thing they did to me - all the stories are on the list of pages and in the archive on the right.

The 10th of June is also here - this was the time limit for The Home Office to interview us during their investigation into our marriage.

That hasn't happened so we're assuming they won't now. It wouldn't stop them from objecting but I think they would have a problem doing that without talking to us first.

In any case, we were always going ahead anyway, even if we had to do it ourselves!

Once again, thanks for reading.

Neil Harris
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