Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Saxophony at The Walled Garden, Sunbury.

It's starting to get really hectic and we are beginning to realise how hard it is to organise a wedding in no time at all.

On Sunday Robyn was out and I spent some time trying to get some work done - when I picked her up we realised there was a concert at The Walled Garden, Sunbury and we managed to catch the second half, on the way back home.

The lavender was out;

The roses were in full flower;

And the band were 'Saxophony'; a delicate precise saxophone quartet playing popular tunes in a walled garden.

I'm getting frazzled and stressed out with what we have ahead of us - but for three quarters of an hour I was chilled, listening to undemanding tunes in a beautiful garden.

Then it was back to the struggle and it hasn't even started to get difficult yet!

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