Thursday, 9 June 2016

Southall; fabrics and cherries.

Getting my prescription from the Doctors has become a trial, no it's an endless saga. But anyway, I had to drive into Brentford and finally got a repeat script for my blood pressure meds after about 6 weeks.

It's enough to give you....blood pressure.

We needed some material for the wedding and previously I'd headed for Southall Market - which doesn't seem to happen any more.

This time I drove around Southall for somewhere to park with my blue badge and we hit the fabric shops big time;

There's a riot of colours; from every day stuff to the most exotic satins and silks.

This was what we chose, being measured out;

That's for the 28th of June!

Then we wandered around shops selling incense and jewellery, exotic coloured powders to throw at the Hindu festival of colours, statues of all the gods in the world, giant rice steamers and chapatti griddles.

And then we hit the fruit stalls, heady with the scent of over ripe mangos which wafted along the street.

We bought strawberries, mangos, cherries and dates.

And came home to gorge on cherries.......for a pound.

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