Sunday, 5 June 2016

Vote Leave!

We're putting out our posters;

We're getting ready for the fray!

Funnily enough, this shouldn't be a debate dominated by a lot of cynical tories or clapped out, useless, 'moderate' Labour M.P.'s or failed Trades Union leaders who never won their members anything.

It shouldn't be about the opinions of a lot of capitalists - people like Philip Green or Alan Sugar who have been responsible for so many job losses.

It's funny how the major Unions and the TUC have supported remain without consulting their members or having any kind of vote.

It's not about immigration although if you watched TV or read the papers that's all it seems to be about.

It's the fact that if you want any kind of democratic control over our future, if you want any kind of economic system that isn't capitalist and monopolistic then you need to Vote Leave! in the referendum.

The tragedy is that while people over 40 years old are mainly voting leave!, youngsters are voting remain.

This is because young people have no conception that there are alternatives to a corrupt capitalist system of high unemployment, homelessness, student loans, and failing businesses.

Once upon a time we were free to subsidise essential industries that were in financial difficulties, to even have state owned businesses because that was good for our standard of living.

We could trade with any part of the world - we could chose to give a preference to the developing world over the developed.

We could give preference to local, british producers.

We could chose to favour employers who paid higher wages and gave better conditions of employment.

Once we could have job creation schemes and plan our economy.

All of this, as well as any kind of socialist solution to our problems, is simply illegal under EU law.

Once, for example, we could make our own drugs for the NHS and supply them at cost price. We could make our own medical supplies, we could favour local suppliers.

Once we had the possibility of some democratic control over our economic lives.

But of course, the purpose of the EU was to keep it's member states safe for capitalism, free of the possibility of any change or alternative.

So put two fingers up to David Cameron and Michael Gove. Tell the Tory party and UKIP what to do with their irrelevant arguments. Tell the defeated and useless Labour leaders of the past to shut up.

Who the hell wants to hear what Neil Kinnock has to say about anything?

Vote Leave! for the freedom to chose our future.

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)
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