Friday, 17 June 2016

Getting competative.

I've been getting ready for the Wraysbury Craft Fair tomorrow. It's very competitive; there's baking, art, winemaking, crafts. I've been making mounts for my photos.

Last year I got a couple of places including one for this picture I took at the City cycle race at Woking the year before;

This year I won't be winning anything, I don't think. The prizes mainly go for technical ability, while I take pictures that mean something to me.

So, I'm putting together a string of pictures to show people there's an alternative world out there; different politics, different lives! Provocative as usual.

It's a very conservative area so that isn't going to help my cause. I'll post the pictures here after the show.

Wish me luck - I'll be very grumpy when it's all over!

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