Monday, 20 June 2016

Wraysbury Fair 2016 the results!

We had a great time at the fair - this is Robyn saying hallo to a 'Skink'; 

There was a whole area reserved for veteran cars including a good range of commercial vehicles from the old days;

I particulary enjoyed the painstaking reproduction of a 'Post Office' telecoms van from the 1950's but I put the pictures of that up last year.

There was a good range of classic American cars including this Ford Mustang Muscle car;

A pink Cadillac, of course!

There were some british cars from a bit earlier;

And a 'Thunderbird' to die for;

There were plenty of 'Leave' posters all around;

And then finally, I had to go to the Craft Tent, where there were some amazing cakes and sausage rolls, 'lego' models and 'a garden in a seed tray'.

I really liked the section for model makers and here's a dream car from the 1960's;

It only got a 'third' place too.

Perhaps I'll have to have the original from the veteran cars section instead;

That was a bit uncanny.

Then I took a look at my photos;

I got a 'First' and a 'Third' for 'People' while for the 'Party' section I got a straight 1,2,3.

Which is about as good as it'll ever get for me;

I'll post the pictures in a few days, on a quiet day.

I have to admit that I put my entries into categories where I knew I had a good chance, avoiding some of the more popular ones.

I'm not apologetic; this year is probably my last show, not least because my health is likely to restrict my activities in future.

I know it's silly but it meant a lot.

There was lots more going on - steam train rides to raise money for the village charities;

Lots of silly string being fired off everywhere;

There was a Frank Sinatra type singer and Robyn and me....we had a dance.

And we had lots of cakes;

It was a splendid Village Fair, you couldn't ask for more (apart from a little sunshine!)

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