Sunday, 26 June 2016

St. Mary's fair at Harmondsworth.

On Saturday we went to Harmondsworth, one of the little villages surrounding Heathrow Airport, for St. Mary's fair.

There's a medieval barn, a church and a couple of pubs.

The fair is tiny - an old fashioned community fair.

They usually have some wonderful cakes and we weren't disappointed.

The fair is a continuing miracle because this little village and its houses will all disappear under the bulldozers of the airport - if it gets to build its third runway.

Just behind the churchyard (which will vanish too) is an area of fields, just waiting for the concrete; 

So every fair is an act of defiance.

When we got there it started raining, which was a shame.

But we are a hardy lot - "Pimp my jazz" usually play for us and they were ready with cover;

They play a mixture of Jazz and Easy Listening, usually not my thing but perfect for a sunny summers day.

And in the end, that's what we got - the sun did come out.

Here's Elena McAulay, guesting on vocals and really giving it some;

And Robyn and me, we had a couple of romantic dances in the June sun.

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