Saturday, 11 June 2016

Pizza Plant.

As you can see (unlike me) the herbs have been liking the rain;

The Rosemary just keeps coming as does the Mint. I've had my Mint tea and it was lovely; lots of memories.

The lettuce is mature now and the seedlings are coming on too - soon time to plant another to keep the rotations going.

The Rockett.....well it rocketed although we've pruned it down.

I'm very pleased with the Oregano which is now a regular in salads and on pizza but the Basil hasn't done so well. I kept it in the porch because I felt it would be eaten alive by slugs and I was worried about the frosts.

It hasn't grown so well and we got a bit of mould so there was some dieback - bit like me at the moment.

Which is a shame because we both like it and have renamed it 'The Pizza Plant'.

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