Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Linden orchestra, The Walled garden Sunbury.

All week I've been in agony with a bad hip, pretty much immobile. Which wasn't ideal as I had to get up to hospital twice for chemo last week.

Increasingly I think it was damaged when I had my operation; I woke up with a cut and bruised inner lip, the canula was ripped out and a new one appeared in my other hand.....and my hip was agony.

Not entirely sure what they got up too.

Sunday, the sun was out and I was at last able to walk with two sticks.

We headed to 'The Walled garden' at Sunbury;

Over the summer, Spelthorne Council puts on a series of sunday afternoon concerts which alternate between The Lammas at Staines and The Walled Garden. 

Here's the link;


Check it out for yourself - you need to take chairs or  a
blanket. At The Lammas you can have an icecream, at The Walled Garden there's a café where you can buy cake.

On a sunny summer's day what could be better?

This was The Linden Wind orchestra, playing light orchestral music; the theme from Indiana Jones, Broadway hits, The Dambusters, that kind of thing.

What's not to like?

Some people came well prepared;

It's just charming and I marvel that the series of concerts has survived the spending cuts - I can only say you need to turn up otherwise you'll lose it.

And it's free!

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