Monday, 13 June 2016

Leave, Leave, Leave!

Is it just me or is this picture really disquieting?

It may well be the reason that the Leave EU campaign is picking up support even though it's underfunded and led by a bunch of mad right wing tories.

The sight of arch 'enemies' George Osborne and Ed Balls campaigning together (all smiles) for us to stay in Europe seems to have had the opposite effect to the one they wanted.

The well funded remain campaign started with lots of money and a big lead in the opinion polls. Now it's all to play for - neck and neck.

Even worse was John Major and Tony Blair's campaign trip to Ireland for the Remain campaign.

Worse because these are two of the most disliked ex prime ministers of all time.

John Major who launched his 'Back to Basics' campaign, demanding new moral standards and morality. He was so concerned for his reputation that when 'Scallywag' and 'The New Statesman' reported that he had been alleged to have had an affair with his caterer, he sued them and won.

Now it turns out he had a four year affair with Edwina Curry.

Tony Blair, famously, told us it was alright to invade Iraq without a resolution from the security council of the UN because we were acting in 'self defence'; Iraq had the capability to launch chemical or bacterial warheads on us with only 45 minutes warning.

That wasn't true and a lot of people died as a result.

And now, all mates together, these apparently bitter enemies are all friends together and want us to remain in the EU.

That's all a very good reason to vote Leave!

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