Wednesday, 15 June 2016


We've both had an identical letter from The Home Office, which is why I'm growling even though it could well be good news.

It's hard to tell.

I should explain that we spent 2015 fighting their attempts to deport Robyn and refuse her a visa. We couldn't go anywhere because they seized her passport.

Well, we won at the tribunal.

So then we went to The Registry Office to give notice that we intended to get married - that was fine based on Robyn's visa.

Except we then got a letter from The Home Office telling us and the Registry office that we needed to give 70 days notice instead of 28. 

So we had to cancel the wedding and put it back. We made a decision that, whatever their decision, we were going ahead anyway.

So our letters?

They tell us that we "have complied with the investigation".


They had until 10th June to interview us and they didn't. So all we did was to confirm by e-mail where we were living and that was it.

They haven't told us that our wedding is legitimate (we have a Learned Judge's ruling that our relationship is genuine) or that it can go ahead. In fact they still have until the 20th June to object.

Anyway, it's happening on the 28th June.

Either it's going to be done by the designated officials or it will be done by us.


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