Saturday, 1 October 2016

Graffiti at Wokingham.

We'd been to Wokingham and saw some really great street art......then we couldn't find it again.

So, after grinding my teeth for a few days, we went back and found where it had been.

Except it had all gone - in a weekend.

This is what we found;

Don't get me wrong, it's good.

These are 'tags' - the artists street names and they mark out their territory.

They are really fine examples, lots of different styles, not your everyday names scrawled in aerosol.

And, taken as a whole it's a fine display.

It just went on and on and if we hadn't seen what was up there before it would have been really impressive.

OK, it's really impressive.

No, I accept it's very, very good.

But what you aren't seeing are the amazing pieces that were there before. There was some satire, an attack on George Osborne, there was Darth Vader and C-3PO.

But, as I've already said, the nature of street art is that it's ephemeral.

It changes all the time, no one 'owns' the streets.

The only thing that quality wins is a little bit of time and the pieces we came to see had run out of it by the time we went back.

I liked this;

There were a few clues to what we'd missed;

This (I think) was part of the Star Wars piece;

Robyn and I both really liked this one sprayed on a cabinet;

This was the best of the lot;

So good I had to post it twice;

You can catch this at Wokingham, just past the Tesco and near the swimming pool and bowling alley. There is a car park just behind it but probably the easiest way is to walk down from the High Street.

And, I've got some clues about the artists, so you may see some more!

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