Saturday, 10 February 2018

No more needles.

I'm having a rough time at the moment but in one respect it has got better. I had a thrombosis in 2013 as a side effect of one of the medicines I had been given. It looked like they then gave me an overdose of Warfarin which gave me a very bad reaction. It may, of course just been that Warfarin was the wrong drug to give me - there are studies that indicate that now.

Anyway, as of autumn 2013 I was put on daily injections and I've been giving them to myself ever since. I've had growing problems finding places I could use as a site because by my calculation I've given myself 1550 injections so far.

I had a nasty episode when I had a really nasty allergic reaction on my stomach, where they are supposed to go. So, Mainly I've been injection my thighs - on a strict programme
to spread them out so I don't get another reaction.

Recently I had problems with bleeding and moved back to my stomach to give my legs a break.

Anyway, I've now been put on pills, so no more injections.

I'm glad, I was tired of doing it. But when I started it was a laugh and I used to collect the outlandish places I'd done it. In the toilet of 'The Cotton Club' Jazz bar in the Red Light district of Amsterdam, where they play live jazz on Saturday afternoons for football fans coming back from Ajax. Behind the bar is a mirror with the pictures of the original owners - broken only by what appear to be very neat bullet holes.

In the tiny toilet of 'La Myonis', my Algerian restaurant on the fringe of Belleville, one of the more 'interesting; Quartiers of Paris. Or in a toilet in La Pigalle, even more 'interesting' after dark.

More eventful was doing the injection in the toilet of the ferry coming back from The Isle of Wight just as the boat hit a big wave and the needle flew up in the air landing in my thumb rather than in my thigh.

In a toilet at RADA, at the BBC Maida Vale recording studios - there's history for you.

The places reflect what we were able to do when I was still mobile.

Happy days.

Neil Harris
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