Monday, 26 February 2018

Steep slopes.

I have no idea how Robyn got me up to Hospital and back but she did.

There was too long a delay to get a blood lest done in time and Dr Feelgood is slowly removing herself from my treatment. That's because we've reached the point where there isn't a lot that can be done. There are question marks - I could improve (which changes everything) but it's not very likely.

Meanwhile it was really cold, a freezing wind and snow. It pretty much killed me. As I said I had no idea how Robyn pulled it off.

It was this bad; I had to walk over the grass using a walking frame rather than on the pavement because it would have been less likely I would have broken anything if I'd fallen over.

I didn't fall but getting over the front doorstep was agony and dangerous.

It was my Everest and as Robyn said; you always wanted to climb Everest.

Now we have a killing cold spell to get through. I hope to make it but you never know.

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