Wednesday, 8 April 2015

It's so unfair.

Well, the Blog didn't come out yesterday - I'm in hospital now and it's only come out today because Robyn dragged my laptop here by bus!

By Tuesday it was  all getting a bit too painful and a bit worrying too. Now I'm in Wexham Park but they are trying to force Charing Cross to take me in; nobody wants me.

How unfair is that?

I was doing really well - thanks to morphine taking the edge off the pain I'd got some sleep last night for the first time in three days, woke up feeling ok and looking forward to breakfast.

Then they gave me some morphine I hadn't really wanted and it all went wrong; I was sick. It's so unfair - the only good thing about being ill. I can't even make it as a drug addict; I'm allergic to morphine. 

Luckily I didn't have breakfast - it's 1230 and the vomit has dried on me. I'd be looking like a pizza now, if I'd eaten.

The blog will continue to come out whenever Robyn can drag my laptop in to hospital; how nice is that?

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