Sunday, 12 April 2015

The canula at the end of the universe.Day six at Wexham Park Hospital.

It's day six - I don't have a name for the Doctor who is 'treating me', I wasn't seen by a Doctor yesterday and I haven't been seen this morning. Yesterday evening I asked to speak to the matron to complain - he didn't come.

I want to make a formal request to be transferred to a hospital with a spine specialist so at least it's down there in writing.

This is my canula and they've only used it once when I first came in, screaming in pain. I had intravenous morphine which didn't help. Since then I've been working my way through all the varieties of morphine when none of it works.

It can be fun, of course, but it didn't deal with the pain.

Since then I haven't seen 'pain management' and the only solution Wexham can think of has been to pump me full of more morphine which doesn't work at all.

My Oncologist at Charing Cross has now got them to put me on a muscle relaxant and I am hopeful that may work but it's taking it's time.

Here's how you operate pain management at Wexham Park Hospital; on Thursday I was due to be given morphine three times a day and in my book that means every 8 hours.

Instead they gave it to me at 0800, 1430 and 1800. That's three times in 10 hours but then they didn't give it to me again until 0800 am which is a whole 14 hours later.

It meant that at 1300 when I was taken for an MRI scan I had no medication and was screaming with muscle spasms after thirty minutes on the board. 

Just the worst pain ever.

Then morphine all afternoon when I didn't need it.

Next morning? I needed a wash and a bed change because the bed hadn't been changed for two days since I'd been sick in it.

So, because otherwise I'd have missed the change, I had to have the wash and change without medication which meant I was screaming again.
Sunday morning and I'm still in spasms of pain - yesterday I didn't have a wash so that I didn't miss the Doctor who never came.

Not making that mistake again.

The care assistants are lovely - last night Romeo and Jane. This morning Peter. Committed and concerned they are a complete contrast to the highly paid Doctors and Consultants.

Here's an example; a Doctor who agreed that it isn't appropriate to be treated for severe spinal damage by Doctors who hadn't bothered to even speak to you.

His answer?

"Well in 6 months time I'll be working at a different hospital"

This is why nothing changes and nothing gets any better.

Tuesday I'm due at Charing Cross to see my Oncologist - I run out of medication if I'm not there. That's going to be a battle; it's life or death for me.

Perhaps I could padlock myself to the gates at Charing Cross until they let me in.

That could work.
Neil Harris

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