Thursday, 16 April 2015


What a day!

This is Charing Cross Hospital's Poo identifies the variety of Poo that there is in the world.

They do everything better - instead of just taking down temperature and blood pressure they have coloured charts to fill in so that anyone who looks can quickly see whether anything is in the danger zone.

People know what they are doing. Care Assistants, Nurses and Doctors are professional; things happen.

So, after a week of screaming in pain it took Charing cross about 12 hours to fix the pain, explain to me what was going wrong - make a plan to put it right.

There's no cure, it gets worse...but I'm getting there.

I put the Poo chart up because I've seen Physiotherapy and they got me up on my feet.

They took my back brace and measured it up properly.

Then I walked to the toilet with a walking frame!


It's a triumph, you have no idea. I'm on my feet again.

I've have my 'infusion' to strengthen my bones. I was rather hoping I was going to get an exoskeleton like Wolverine in the X-Men. That would be useful.

I fear it may not work so well.


I woke up and wasn't feeling so good - so it was amazing when physiotherapy came round and I went for another walk.

I'm going home today.

It's an amazing testament to the treatment I got from everyone at Charing Cross.

From screaming pain to being OK - 8 hours.

From arriving on a stretcher to tentative walking?

24 hours.

Going home? 48 hours.

Thank you Charing Cross. Thank you for not being Wexham.

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