Wednesday, 15 April 2015


These are our Tulips - Robyn took this photo to show me because I won't get to see them this year.
Ok, that was a really tough day; 7 days fighting Wexham Hospital and I finally made it to Charing Cross.
I then got a double whammy as soon as I got there; the only explanation for my disintegrating spine was that the cancer had spread dramatically.
And my blood test was going wrong too.
At that point I had to have a CT scan and a tattoo done to get ready for some emergency radiotherapy over the next week.
And then there was going to be a really tough chat with Doctor Feelgood that nobody wants.
Except that this morning Dr Feelgood came to see me - after a whole gang of radiologists had taken a look at my scan.
We've gone back to PLAN A. My poor old bones need some chemical toughening up, I need some tough old physio and I may need an operation to glue all the bits back together again.
But there is no new sign of cancer (yet).
Dr Feelgood was right after all last month and went to the trouble to get a whole load of opinions to check it out.
So that was a really bad day that turned into a really good day after all. 
And I got to get a tattoo before I died too!
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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