Saturday, 11 April 2015

Wexham Hospital, Slough.

Ok, so here is where I am; trapped in bed on the fifth day at Wexham Park Hospital in the Medical Assessment Unit.

I arrived here by ambulance 5 days ago after a series of collapses and rather worrying neurological feelings in my legs.

I knew I had a collapsed vertebrae and I knew it was getting worse.

Yesterday, without ever having seen an orthopaedic specialist I was told I could go home with a brace and no other treatment (I can't walk right now).

I complained; they never spoke to me, they never explained the MRI scan to me. They haven't stabilised the pain - I've been stuck in a hospital bed for 5 days.

After a lot of fighting I got to see a completely different Doctor from orthopaedics to explain what had happened and later thanks to a nurse I got shown the MRI scan.

It's a lot worse than I expected; a whole lot of vertebrae are damaged and a fair few are badly damaged.

The Doctors who never spoke to me? None are spine specialists, they don't have any here.

They never told me that.

Meanwhile the neurological warnings of possible paralysis continue...

Today I have been waiting 5 hours to see the weekend Doctor to make my various complaints but so far no one has come round to see me.

Robyn has bought a lot of strawberry shoe laces and we are eating them like The Lady and The Tramp ate spaghetti in the Disney movie.

It's nice.

Neil Harris
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