Thursday, 2 April 2015

Neil wingeing again.

Sitting at home with a collapsed vertebrae or two is depressing enough but I've been depressing myself further about the state of the local music scene.

It's not the bands - there are plenty of them - it should be thriving.

The problem is the collapse of many of the best venues and with that the loss of a way of looking at things.

So, last weekend (according to 'London Stone's facebook page) someone turned up on a motor bike having driven all the way from Roumania hoping to spend the night at the legendary 'Hob'.

Sadly, all that's left of The Hobgoblin and it's music is the legend. The London Stone (too ill to visit them so far) has replaced it with a trendy, designer, clean, quiet and probably very nice home for the fashionable new crowd who are filling it out these days.

No more music. Just shiny happy people.

I'm not knocking it, it's just not me.

The Horns in Watford is different too - more safe tribute acts and less cutting edge stuff.

Locally, The Cave at Addlestone is increasingly taking the place of The Hob but it has noise problems and isn't so easy to get to.

Otherwise there are a dwindling collection of Pubs - all concerned to be as safe as possible and a small number of depressing working men's clubs; outdated and not really catering for the working men and women of today.

It's all got a bit dismal.

On the plus side Mick Moriarty is now on his third annual festival at Bisley; every September there is an amazing three days of Punk, Ska and Reggae. I can never plan on being well enough to get there but the acts range from big names to local groups  and it's a triumph to create a festival out of nothing, virtually single handed.

Otherwise? Everything is shrinking and getting too safe for words.

If there weren't any bands or no one turned up, I could understand it.

It's time something exciting happened.

Meanwhile in the election campaign, everything has gone very quiet about the NHS too.

This is the issue that matters most to people and the one that really worries them.

After five years of scandals, the party's plans for The NHS are something that everybody should be debating.

I will be! Again, it's time something happened.

Neil Harris


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