Tuesday, 11 February 2014

0745 Am 11 february 2014 - Come on if you think you're hard enough!

0745 am 11th February 1014

I meant to get up really early, actually I needed to check the water level but my excuse is that I’m not too well.

So, stumble out of bed and throw on clothes. Across the road from us;


I paced it out. From the water to the road (last line of defence) is still 42 paces, same as it was at midnight.

"Come on if you think you're hard enough!"

That’s the first round we’ve drawn. I’m not getting carried away – an inch of rain is forecast for today. To celebrate I’ve got the washing machine going, because the main drainage will soon pack up.
Last night I cancelled my mum's carers - it wasn't worth it for anyone to struggle through. Now we need them.....

Last night, Wraysbury was number one item on the national news. News teams are basing themselves here – as fascinated by the rising water as we all are.

Film of a flooded Staines showed a family walking through the water outside their home – Nick Tidbury of The SkaSouls. Time for a benefit concert? Perhaps not just yet.

Meanwhile, no sign of sandbags here. No Army in our village. No sign of the local Council either.
Thanks for all your messages and good wishes - much appreciated.

Neil Harris

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