Friday, 21 February 2014

Blue Thursday.

Thursday night which is when I should have been up in town supporting comrades at a meeting, saw me stuck at home instead. Miserable.

By the time I’d got everything sorted out and in spite of being ill, I headed to The Riverside Club in Staines for a special night of the Blues – fitting really.

 This is the legendary ‘Papa George’ and the equally legendary Mickey Moody – here Mickey (on the right) is playing a mean slide guitar.

It was a very full house, not least because George’s fairly slow, thoughtful blues is popular but also because this was a special night to thank the flood volunteers and anyone from the services who helped.

This is George on the steel guitar – he also had a classic steel’un which wasn’t shiny like this one.

It was classic blues too, played brilliantly and understated; John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson – you know the kind of thing. But also there was J.J.Cale and Tom Waits and some Peter Green - a good mix for my blue Thursday.

Friday and the sun is shining. For old times sake I’m going to go round taking some pictures of the retreating waters.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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