Saturday, 15 February 2014


If I’m lucky this is how my tour ends tomorrow;


Hey guys its the;

Call me an Ambulance!

I’m ready t0 g0 h0me n0w T0ur

Day Eight

Stanley Dee                                                                     The Sharpees

The Phoenix Blues band                                                Lord John

Trevor Tomkins Quintet                                                Groove Manoova

Mocara                                                                             Tree House Fire

Captain Accident and the Disasters                             Morgellons                                                                      

No Lip

It didn’t go according to plan but perhaps that’s just as well.

The whole point of having a tour is to cram in as much fun as possible before the inevitable return to the Oncology Clinic and the equally inevitable bad news.

At the end of one glorious tour, I was so knackered that I fell asleep in the waiting room and had to be woken up by a rather irritated Dr Feelgood.

I’ve marked that up as a victory for The Cancer Cru.

This time, first the flood intervened and then kindly Dr Feelgood actually rang me up herself to tell me the result of my test early (unexpectedly good) which rather took the sting out of Monday.

Which also means I have a month or so I didn’t expect to have.

So what did I do today as the rain fell and fell on sodden ground?


I made Pizza, here it is steaming as it came out of the oven;
 What happened next?



Anyway I’m going to leave you with a mystery.

My home made pizza cost me about £3 less than if I’d bought a ready made one from the supermarket.

What did I spend the money I saved on? I bet you can't guess.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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