Saturday, 22 February 2014

Clearing up after Wraysbury flood.

I thought I’d take a walk around the flood area to see how the cleanup is going. On Ouseley Road most of the houses are now clear of water although not all;

 There are houses with pipes coming out of their windows, throwing water into the gutters. Here you can see the scale of the battle the residents were fighting;


Some flooded houses like this one were on the left side of the road (downstream), most were on the right. More modern houses are raised up, the older ones like ours are low lying and at greater risk

These are the fire brigade pumps, going 24 hours a day. There are fire trucks from all over the country;

These come from Tyne and Wear and Humberside and we are very grateful to them for coming down. The other day I posted a picture of a fire engine from Derbyshire. I suspect they have been taking it in turns to come down to help us for a few days before they are relieved by another area.

Next time someone like the Mayor of London wants to make more cuts to the fire service, remember that when you need them they won’t be there.

There are removal vans taking people away – there’s a woman sat on her doorstep talking on her mobile as her belongings are being loaded into a lorry. There are lorries coming to pump sewage. There are two vans from a company that offers de-humidifiers. There are three loss adjusters, looking for business. There is a police presence to stop looting and everywhere the sound of those pumps working.

I think tomorrow I’ll put up some before and after pictures.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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