Sunday, 9 February 2014

Flood; 'Danger to Life' - thats not so good!

1400 hours.

Wraysbury Village green is flooded again, the bridge on the main road is clear;
The meadows by The Grange are all flooded with water from the village stream.
Houses down by the river (Ouseley Road etc) are flooded depending on their height. There is talk about the army being called in to evacuate people but that is usually just talk.

We have been phoned by Social Services flood co-ordinator who is getting plans ready to evacuate the elderly.

Datchet always has some flooding down by the river – tonight it’s forecast the town centre will flood which has never happened before in local memory.

Over the road from us, the stream I posted this morning has risen further as you can see;



There is a fairly strong movement of water which I’m not keen on.

A couple of blokes were digging a trench to clear water from their electricity junction box.

Oast House Close is rapidly filling with water although the houses aren’t yet flooded.

At 1450 hours we got the 'Severe Flood warning'
 which is as follows;
"Severe Flooding. 

Danger to life.

A Severe Flood Warning has been issued by the Environment Agency for the River Thames at Wraysbury. 

This Severe Flood Warning is for the River Thames at Wraysbury village including Welley Road, Ouseley Road, Station Road and Staines Road, as well as Magna Carta Lane.

River levels on the Thames are very high and still rising in the Wraysbury area. A Severe Flood Warning is now in force as river levels will continue to rise for at least 24 hours and are forecast to be higher than those experienced in 2003 on the Thames. Widespread property flooding is expected in the area and disruption to local infrastructure is possible. The Environment Agency and its partners will update this message as the situation changes."  

So for us, fingers crossed for 24 hours…..and if you have already been flooded, we are thinking of you.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)
(I gave up on photos, my link was too slow)

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