Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Phoenix Blues band and The Police Raid!

When I launched my;

Call me an Ambulance!

I’m ready t0 g0 h0me n0w T0ur

Day Three

Stanley Dee

The Sharpees


I was looking forward to celebrating the end of January, even though I don’t want to let the months go by any more.

Unfortunately when I went to The Crown, Cowley they misunderstood me and instead of an ambulance they called the Police out on us; we were raided!




The Phoenix Blues band were everything I had hoped they would be – first number up and it was a hardline 12 Bar Blues, the first of a few. I think I only got half the band, but I certainly got Ray who is fairly unmistakable;


This is how they describe themselves;

“The Phoenix Blues Band features the distinctive vocals, sax and harmonica of Ray James. The lineup also includes Ben Falkiner on drums and vocals, Leigh or Stan on bass and vocals and Pete Holley on guitar. The band's set is based around good-time R'n'B, but also incorporates Chicago-style blues, 60s soul and straight-out rock and roll.”

But words don’t really do the job. There was a lot of the Blues I was looking for in the first half. Given Ray’s familiarity with the music I don’t think he would be unhappy if I described him as a good old fashioned ‘Blues Shouter’, because that is what he was.

Chicago – yes, Dr Feelgood – yes.

Little Red Rooster very much so and this is Ray acknowledging the lead guitarist’s very fine slide guitar on ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’.


The second half? Well, my plan was a night spent on a bar stool, gently tapping out the Blues. And there was still plenty of the blues harp to come;

In fact the blues lost out to a wider range of good time music – some Funk, a lot of Soul and some Rock ‘n Roll.

There was a lot of dancing;

And I’m afraid I couldn’t resist.

And there were a lot of encores, until at about 1220 am the Police arrived. From past experience, I have found that a sense of humour is lacking in these situations and as I was beginning to suffer a bit, I decided not to take a photo of the Fi@#h for you. I didn't fancy a Friday night at Uxbridge Police Station, I've been there before.
Reluctantly, I went home.

The Weather? It rained all night.

But that was a really good night that was.
Goodbye Blue January and Hi! to Fighting February.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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