Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Thanks Sid.

This is for Sid, who made me laugh on a bad day.

I’d been to Charing Cross Hospital where I got some good news and should have been happy about it but to be honest I was tired out, facing a long journey home and fed up with battling Lloyds Pharmacy who have taken over the hospitals chemist in a privatisation. And it’s got worse since they did.

On the way home at the Hammersmith end of the Fulham Palace Road, I just had to take a photo of Sid's shop window.

Sid’s a traditional cobbler, repairing shoes, cutting keys and supplying trophies for a school competitions, Sunday league football, the dart’s competition or whatever.

So what has he got in his shop window?


 Of course it’s a full sized replica of the F.A.Cup and best of all – the European Cup. It’s the best trophy cabinet in London.
When Sid caught me taking the photo I went in to explain – and both of us were laughing about it.

Now you know where to get your shoes sorted on the Fulham Palace Road.

Neil Harris

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