Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Military Workout to the rescue.

1600 hours

Now we are in trouble – it’s the helicopter checking out the people across the road;

And then the sand bags arrived;


A big, big problem because I’m not up to shifting the bags we needed on my own, otherwise I’d have been down the building suppliers to get some by now.

And then something truly wonderful happened, a big group of volunteers arrived from ‘Military Workout’, a local keep fit group,  to help us out.

Here’s a link;

They humped all the bags to our front gate so that I could set them up at the front door and around the air bricks.

So, I’ve been grumbling for a while about all the vultures (media, sightseers, burglars and thieves) who have descended on our village, now some big time respect is due to a wonderful group of people who (like the off road community) have come down to help us out.
And if you are in need of a little fitness training (Fun, Fitness - Army style) you couldn't go wrong by having a word with 'Military Workout'.
Thanks, guys.

Neil Harris

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