Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What a difference a day makes!

2300 Hours 11 February 2014

I’m out early tonight, tired from a busy day, not feeling so well.

I walked to Ankerwycke – what a difference a day makes or perhaps what a difference shouting at a Defence Minister can make.

As I walked along the road, giant Army lorries thunder past. Sometimes there are police escorts, blue lights flashing. A fire engine.

Four wheel drive vehicles are going home – these are volunteers, off- roaders who have turned up to help. All are very welcome.

Down Ankerwycke there is a Police car to deter looters and waiting for callouts.

The water level is a few feet further up but not seriously worse than yesterday.

Across the road from us I paced out the distance from the water to the road – it’s gone back to 41 which is what it was last night.

We are in with a chance now although two inches of rain are forecast for the next couple of days.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)



  1. My mother used to live on Magna Carta Lane - house right on the Thames. Is that under water?

  2. I'm not sure - Ankerwycke farm and the houses level to it is fine.The water on the fields is up to the top of the lane but the lane itself is higher up. Last night I walked nearly to the little bridge halfway down.
    In the first flood I assumed The Island was flooded - when the waters went back and I could take a look, I think they were OK.
    So I'm just not sure - down Ouseley Road the problems are from Thames water, up here it's the little stream bringing water down from The Colne which just can't get into The Thames.
    But this time the Thames is really high who knows?