Monday, 10 February 2014

Fighting February; Noon Flood update at Wraysbury, 10/2/14.



Datchet Village centre is flooded – thanks SB for your phone call and update.

The trains have been cancelled from Windsor and traffic is pretty chaotic all around the area. Near the river at Datchet the water is chest high while the Chemist on the green is having to use a side door to hand out the prescriptions.

The Egham to Old Windsor road is cut as is Pococks lane in Eton and Welley road in Wraysbury.

In Wraysbury, the houses by the river are flooded and the water is very close to us now. This is Oast House Close, you can see the waters have moved around the houses from the back gardens – but they are still holding out!

Rescue is at hand for people in the Meadows behind The Grange;

The Fish and Chip shop isn’t going to be frying tonight but you can still get your car serviced;


Or perhaps that old outboard needs a tune up?

I’m going to be missing my Jazz tonight, I think. It’s a shame – a tribute to Lionel Hampton.

Meanwhile I’ve marked the water level opposite with an old can of Red Bull and we’ll see how it goes tonight.......

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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