Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Official: Army invades Wraysbury!

1400 hours 11 February 2014
The water is 39 paces away from us ( 41 this morning, 42 last night).

The Defence Minister must have been given a good shouting this morning because this afternoon the Army arrived;

This is the High Street;

The road to Datchet has now been closed, only one road out left. While down at the worst of the flooding, the Environment Agency are here;

 And the media;

We had to shout at Mr Winchell who was filming in the middle of the road and wouldn’t get out of the way of the Army lorries, far too important to move.

We don’t need vultures coming to film us any more than we need burglars and thieves coming into the village. Could do with some sand bags, though.

Neil Harris

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