Sunday, 9 February 2014

Wraysbury Flood update; 10 00 am 9 February 2014.

After our early morning wakeup call from the Environment Agency (it’s bad), I had a walk around the waters this morning.

Over the road from us is a little stream, just a dried up ditch normally. It has breached its banks on the opposite side from us but here you can see that it’s nibbling away at its bank on our side.

I reckon we have are about 2 feet higher than this, so we are still in the clear for a while.

This is the bridge on Magna Carta lane – not doing its job anymore;

And these are the fields looking down towards The Thames. Yesterday it was flooded at Runnymede which is on the other side of the trees. Now it looks like its over its banks on our side too;


After the last flood The National Trust cleared all the beached logs up – look at what floated downstream to us overnight.

On the Radio this morning it said that The Thames has flooded at Reading and high powered pumps have been brought in from East Anglia to save an Electricity Sub Station at Burghfield. The water at Reading will take at least two days to come downstream to us – so we have a bit of nail biting to get through yet.

What they didn’t mention is that the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment at Aldermaston and the munitions dump at Burghfield are the reasons for the panic at Reading – it’s where the nuclear warheads get made, repaired, stored and dismantled. It needs a lot of electricity to keep cool and doesn’t need a flood.

Will keep you posted.

Neil Harris

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  1. Important information to anyone who have been affected by flooding in the Wraysbury area. Our flood support team will be visiting Wraysbury from 10AM today through till Sunday 23rd February 4PM. This is for anyone affected by the recent flooding looking for some help and assistance in processing their claim. For more information please visit:

    1. I put all comments up on this Blog (they have to be pretty obscene for me to censor them) but this is effectively an advert - there are other Loss Adjusters and you can shop around and probably should.

      Neil Harris