Monday, 10 February 2014

1600 hrs 10 February 2014; RSPCA Rescue.

1600 hrs 10 February.

I was having a cup of tea when I heard the sound of clip-clopping hooves on the road.
These intrepid mariners are from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They were rounding up the horses from the meadow, frightened and confused by the flood. I had a chat with them, they spent most of the day helping people out of their houses down Ouseley Road where the flood is at its worst.

Off they go;

I'm a lot less happy about the DUKW - it's a vintage WWII amphibious vehicle and it's come past us twice. I have a horrible feeling they are organising tours for tourists at Windsor - from Windsor to Datchet, through the flood and then back through Wraysbury.
I hope I'm wrong - let me know if you are doing good deeds rather than profiting from other peoples misery. 

I had a chat with some of the people who live down at what was the farm across the road from us– my Red Bull can shows that the water has moved up the lane three paces since Noon.

My neighbours smart phone showed me that the water has risen about three inches in the same time, up to near the top of the little bridge;

The bridge is where the people are standing, the water is now flowing around it. We wished each other ‘good luck’ and remarked on our good fortune – soon we will have those indoor swimming pools and jacuzzi’s we always wanted and at no cost either.

We said our goodbyes – soon I won’t be able to make it down there again.

It’s sad.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


  1. Your reports on the flood and the pictures are very good . Good as looking on the TV. I have not been to Wraysbury or Datchet so rely on the news. Feel very sorry for anyone who is caughtin this misery of the Thames. Neil keep reporting.

    1. That's really kind - as the flood gets worse my traveling is getting more limited so comments, e-mails or calls are welcome with updates and I'll post them.

    2. the RSPCA were helping us move our horses to a safe place in no why were they "rounding up the horses from the meadow, frightened and confused by the flood" these are well looked after elderly stabled horse that just needed to go to safer pasture

    3. That's really good to hear anonymous - they looked upset on the road but it was probably that they didn't want to leave their home - how are you managing in the flood? Do you know what's happened with the horses down at Ankerwycke?