Friday, 14 February 2014

Show's over, folks.


Now the water levels are on the turn and no one died; the politicians have discarded their designer wellingtons, the press have moved on to the next disaster, the snappers have packed away their cameras and laptops, the satellite dishes have been dismantled and the press vans have moved on. Even the sightseers have all gone back home.

For a few days this place was the centre of the country. Front page news in all the papers, number one on the TV news. Even this Blog got a share of interest.

I’ve got a small collection of photos which document what happened. I hope I’ve been able to highlight the many acts of kindness the flood produced.

For example, my Mum needs carers twice a day. During the flood they were unable to come several times and on a number of occasions I sorted things out myself and we cancelled them to help out.

I was talking to a carer last night from the Windsor and Maidenhead Short Term Support and Rehabilitation Team. After a long shift at work, doing a difficult job, she and a number of colleagues volunteered to help out in their spare time. They visited vulnerable people in the flooded areas, going to houses by boat to help evacuations or support those who wanted to stay on.

Countless locals volunteered in the days before the politicians were shamed into helping; working non-stop for 48 hours until help eventually came.

Now the waters are retreating we’ve got a breathing space until it rains again and this Blog can go back to just being a health campaign. Things have been happening there but because people from the hospital check up on us, I’ll blog about that later.

Except that I do take time out to have a laugh or two, while I can.

The No Lips poster? That came from The Clash’s second single; ‘Complete Control’, an attack on CBS records and produced by the great Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry who was in London in 1977 to produce for Bob Marley. Great days.


I’m going to review the gig on Saturday but it’s not going to be easy; I’ve not been able to write about Punk since I started this Blog. It’s too important to me, too raw even after 30 odd years.

It will be a real contrast; Morgellons play their own stuff, which is something I think all bands should attempt to do. No Lip are uncompromising – they want to play Punk covers and nothing else keeping it rough and raw.

It’s full of possibilities or…..not.

We’ll see how that pans out and whether I can do it justice. And whether I’m up to it…..oh yeah no doubt about that.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)    

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