Thursday, 10 March 2016

Back on strike with the Junior Doctors.

We were back on the picket line at St. Peters although we couldn't stay so long because we had to get off to Tesco's for the shopping - this week I'm back at hospital for another dose of Chemotherapy.

We got our old banner out again although it's getting a bit tatty these days;

As usual there was a lot of support from passing patients and health workers;

Robyn's looking unimpressed with my lettering on the top line!

This is really serious - now that Jeremy Hunt has imposed the new contract on the Doctors as of this August, the NHS is looking to lose large numbers of Doctors at a time when we have a serious shortage after many years of training far too few health professionals.

This is also a life or death struggle for the future of the NHS as a health service based on need rather than ability to pay as well as signalling an attack on everyone who works in health.

The strike continues!

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