Monday, 21 March 2016

Blue badge!

It arrived!

At last!

Thanks to Dr Feelgood and Maggies cancer centre at Charing Cross Hospital I'm getting some money from the state (until George Osborne cuts it off) a Freedom Pass for free travel in London and best of all.....I've got a disabled parking badge:

This time last year I was in so much pain I couldn't travel to hospital on the tube - we had to take the bus and I would be screaming every time it braked or turned a corner.

It would take me a week to recover.

Later on I was using the bus for months with a walking frame - I was not popular, I can tell you.

I'm a lot better now but the journeys to Hospital are still gruelling.

I used the pass twice yesterday to celebrate!

It's also sad because you have to be quite ill to get one, unless you lie. Now I get up to all sorts of things (we have plans for this week!) but getting about is really painful so I actually do need one.

So while getting the pass is a big deal it's also a sad moment for me too.

Mind you, Robyn's really celebrating!.

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