Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Pavement Poet.

Most of the best things in life are a happy accident and when we ended up in Staines by accident we met 'the Pavement Poet' passing through;

Danny Rowland travels the country drawing his poetry on public spaces; he's a mixture of pavement artist and polemicist for peace;

Putting thought provoking poems into the public realm;

For his pains he's been threatened with arrest and has been served with 'Anti Social Behaviour Order  Notices' by local councils - which could actually get him locked up.

It's strange - we are surrounded by advertisements and signs that no one asked for - while the least inoffensive gesture which happens to make people question the world around them can get you locked up?

While we were there he'd drawn a good crowd of the curious and interested;

You can check out his facebook page here;


And if you're lucky he may be heading your way.

Neil Harris
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