Friday, 11 March 2016

The Junior Doctors Strike at Charing Cross Hospital.

I was back at Charing Cross Hospital today and unfortunately the news was not good; the first dose of chemotherapy didn't work at all.

We'll wait for the results of the second dose to come through and tomorrow it's time for my third batch but it's not looking good.

There are some different Chemo drugs to try.....but our plans are going to have to change this summer.

So I cheered myself up by joining the Junior Doctors picket outside Charing Cross on the second day of their strike;

Robyn took over my train whistle!

And we met some very determined NHS campaigners - Charing Cross wants to demolish it's hospital and sell off 75% of the land. These are some of the people trying to stop them in their tracks;

I loved the 'Tuffragette';

I've now acquired a rather annoying horn;

So we spent the time making lots and lots of noise every time someone hooted their support - and there was lots of support from passing motorists and lorries.

Most surprising was the level of support from Police Cars, which comes as a welcome change from the way most picket lines (as I well know!) are policed.

But then everyone needs the NHS, don't they?

I suppose the saddest thing was spotting the block of flats opposite, named after Keir Hardy, founder of The Labour Party, Member of Parliament and one of the earliest voices calling for free heath care for all;

A Lotta Continua!
The struggle continues!

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