Monday, 14 March 2016

Pimp my Jazz at The Jolly Butcher.

Saturday night, especially after some good news meant that we had to go out.

We went to The Jolly Butcher in Staines to see an old favourite of ours - 'Pimp my Jazz';

We had a nice night - enjoying each others company ever so slightly amazed that we got away with it again.

'Pimp my Jazz' play jazz and Latin music as well as the compositions of Gavin Sparks and Kay Shelley, who are the force behind the band.

On Saturday they were down to a four piece with Diane, a new vocalist.

We had a really nice evening, met a lot of friendly people at the pub and Robyn tried out a new drink - a 'Jaffa cake', which should probably not be allowed.

We had a dance too.

Now Sunday? We were really going to have a day out.

Neil Harris
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  1. Thanx Neil. We enjoyed it too.(Memo: Must try a Jaffa Cake)

    Kay, Pimp My Jazz