Thursday, 31 March 2016

Claiming Date: 7th June!

Last weekend we had a visit to Windsor in the drizzle but we weren't there as tourists, we were there to check out our wedding plans!

As we got into town, the police shut the road on us.

We'd bumped into The Changing of the Guard!

A full scale military band and guard;

Not really my thing but quite a sight all the same.

We were actually there to check out the registry office and very grand it is indeed.

Our wedding is now set for 1-45pm on 7th June and we are claiming the date.

We'd welcome anyone who wants to come along to get in touch - it's a big venue and there's likely to be room for everyone.

The reception may well be just for family......not least because we haven't actually booked anything yet or even agreed on what we are going to do.


Time is short and we're still deciding things, so it's going to be very hectic and last minute.

Whatever we do, it will be lots of fun and (I hope) there'll be a few surprises too.

Well, I'm not going to miss it.

Neil Harris
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