Sunday, 27 March 2016

UKID and Tree House Fire at The Wheatsheaf and Pigeon, Staines.

Friday was a special night for us although I was out for the count for a couple of days afterwards.

For one night, 'The Hobgoblin' lived again when 'The Wheatsheaf and Pigeon' was taken over for a night of live music in Staines.

Apart from a huge crowd, there was a very special line up too;

This is UKID from Glastonbury - one of my favourite Hob regulars. Mixing D.J culture, rapping and heavy metal they are always a blast although now they've added a female vocalist they have mellowed a little. for me

I mainly like their full-on, high energy, political stuff but they were still good and Robyn likes them too. 

There was a definite culture clash - one of the bar staff had her face frozen in a look of jaw-dropping disbelief for most of the evening while the next door neighbours were probably unimpressed as well.

There were some mighty fine bass notes vibrating out from the speakers all night.

Mind you when they total up the nights takings at the bar it may change attitudes.

We are running out of venues very quickly and some of us in the audience begin to suspect the hand of the Police and the local authorities are behind this. It seems to be country wide too.

The second act were 'Tree House Fire' playing their usual blend of white reggae but with wider vocals and a more prominent keyboards this time;

Always fun, they were a great end to a fabulous evening.

There's a huge amount of talent locally and a mobile audience trying to find somewhere to go for a Friday night - it seems strange that every venue that plays live music is closing be replaced by a chain restaurant.

But there are some interesting initiatives coming up - I'll keep you posted.

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