Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Buying time.

Over the weekend we started a herb garden - it seemed a nice thing to do and everybody needs herbs. The bought ones are limp and dried herbs aren't the same.

I'm not an active gardener any more but we went to the garden centre to buy some things I could grow outside the front door - where I can get to them easily.

When I was well I used to mainly buy seeds because they were cheaper and, of course, I had all the time in the world to watch them grow. These days I need to buy ready made plants because time is short - so we spent £3-99 on a big Rosemary plant because Robyn likes it and it looked healthy.

I was a bit meaner with the Oregano and got a smaller plant for £1-99 as I figured it would grow fast.

The price difference is because what you're actually paying for is the time of the person who grew the plant; the bigger it is the more it costs.

As you can see, I potted them up and after a couple of days they look quite good;

I didn't get anything else because the plants didn't look so healthy. I want to get some Mint so that we can have mint tea like we did at Le Miyanis in Paris.

And some Thyme would be nice.

Then I had an idea - we bought a bunch of Thyme at Christmas and then I put it in some water to keep it going.

It's been a bit neglected since then;

So, I thought I'd take a chance and have a look because the way to propagate Thyme is to pull off a strand and put it in water.

I was lucky, two strands had taken root;

I potted them up and if we are lucky we got some Thyme for nothing.

I've put them into intensive care.

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