Sunday, 13 March 2016

Cancer is the Ultimate Extreme Sport.

So, Thursday I got bad news; the Chemotherapy wasn't working.

Friday I had another dose of Chemo and had a reasonably tough day.

Saturday morning we went into Staines with a list of things to do and none of them worked out. In the end all I bought was a bowl of Lychees on offer for a pound on one of the stalls.

As I was walking away from the High Street I got a call on my mobile on a really bad line; from Dr Feelgood at Charing Cross working on a Saturday.

She'd just got the latest result in for my second dose of Chemo and it's good.

I should say it's not great but it's a start and it may yet settle down. In any case, it's a lot better than two days ago. 

I'm going on with the Chemo and our plans for the summer may even be back on track.

That was a very close shave; from the beginning I described cancer as the ultimate 'Extreme Sport' and so it is.

Dancing on the edge of a Volcano.

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