Monday, 7 March 2016

Cancer Carpentry.

So, I got out the old 'Workmate' and raided my store of wood 'liberated' from rubbish skips and started work.

All these photos were taken by Robyn and I have to admit I look fairly dreadful after Chemotherapy and Steroids have taken their toll. I've rather edited myself out of the frames.

Also, I've never claimed to be any sort of carpenter.....which should be clear from my very bad joints.

The trouble with skipwood is that there are always a few irritating nails to pull out;

And I wouldn't recommend doing this with a broken back - it hurts;

Still looking a little stylish here - do you like the tie?

Nice touch, I think;

Which is more than can be said for the work - I decided to go for the 'Rustic' finish.

So far the only expenditure has been £2-40 for the brackets and £2-00 for some mesh.

Of course, by deciding not to buy any screws meant the only ones I had were too long and came through on the other side.

Nothing a little finishing can't sort out;

And nothing quite like making some sparks fly!

Now, what on earth am I up too?

Wish I knew.

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