Saturday, 12 March 2016

Chemo Three - Fail!

Friday we struggled up to Charing cross again for the third dose of Chemotherapy, leaving at 0945 for 10-30 and getting there in good time. I even got in early, got all fitted up with an oxygen supply to hand and had the intravenous meds first to stop me going into shock like last time;

I was going to take advantage of the massive dose of steroids to have a night out and as there wasn't anything local we planned to have a good night out in London.

Then about 5 minutes into the transfusion I went into Anaphylactic shock again, although this time we were all ready for it and shut everything down straight away.

We waited for half an hour for it to pass and they set the dose at three hours instead of one....and it was OK.

Except that instead of getting out at lunchtime we got out at 4pm.

Struggled the long walk back to Hammersmith tube, through the crowds of schoolkids, down the steps, waiting, standing on the tube at which point I checked for my appointment book and found that they'd forgotten to give it back to me.

Worst of all it has a vital table of all my symptoms to tell me which are no problem and which ones are 'red alerts' and which just can't be ignored.

I also had my hospital card in it so we just had to go all the way back - off at Action town, up and down the stairs, back to Hammersmith, up the stairs, the long walk back, up the lift, got the book and back to Hammersmith once again, down the stairs, waiting, standing on the train in the rush hour this time and out - paying for two journeys each way and getting hit by the rush hour charge which we should have missed.

We got home exactly 8 hours after we left and I was so shattered all I could do was watch rubbish on the TV, collapsed in an armchair.

Not what we'd planned.


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  1. So sorry, Neil, for all the stress you have been under, but it was great that you and Robyn managed to drop into our Pimp My Jazz gig at the Jolly Butcher, Staines. Our singer had never sung with a band before, so she appreciated everyone's support. We send you all best wishes - as a former cancer patient myself, I know how horrible chemo can be. Kay x