Saturday, 19 March 2016

The Willis Museum and Sainsbury Gallery, Basingstoke.

I've been ill this last week and it's all been a bit dull - these pictures are from the week before when I found myself killing an hour or so in Basingstoke.

The last time I was there I wandered into the town's Art Gallery and Museum and they were 'between' exhibits. The walls were stripped and painted white, ready for the paintings to arrive and to be hung.

I joked with the attendant that it was a fine display of minimalism.

This time the pictures had arrived and I had a little treat. The exhibition is 'Defining Moments - A journey through British Modern Art' and it has assembled a small collection of paintings the curator feels are representative of all the major movements of British Modern Art over the last century or so.

It would certainly be ideal for a school trip - for me?

Actually, yes it worked.

Rather like if a businessman had paid a dealer to put together "one of each, please".
I really liked this; 'Skewed relief' by Peter Lowe of 'Systems Group'.

And I was knocked out by this little picture by Terry Frost, representing the 'St. Ives Group'. I know Frost is part of St. Ives but he was very much a latecomer.

My interest was because I associate Frost with large scale prints in big blocks of primary colours - this is right from the beginning when he turned up in Cornwall looking for an education after the war.

It's a very simple little abstract, full of the alleys and corners of St. Ives,

I also like Peter Wyndham-Lewis's 'The Vorticist' from 1912;

Both eminently 'stealable' paintings!

I'm a long term fan of Bridget Riley so I enjoyed this print;

Untitled and undated but definitely of the 1970's.

There were some other fine pictures but by this time I was stopped from taking pictures.

The older part of the building is a town museum but the archaeological section was shut.

We wandered around a history of life in Basingstoke which included this representation of a 1950's/1960's kitchen;

Much of which I grew up with and quite a lot of still remains in my Mum's kitchen now!

The art is on at The Willis Museum and Sainsbury Gallery until 16th April and is free to visit.

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