Saturday, 15 October 2016

85,000 Thanx!

Thanks are due for taking the Blog to 85,000!

 - and also for taking it to 82,000/83,000/84,000 which passed unnoticed here, I'm afraid.

I haven't been so well recently and they were coming in a bit too thick and fast for me to cover them.

The point about the Blog has always been to keep highlighting the negligent way some patients have been treated by some departments of Ashford and St. Peter's Hospital trust - in particular the Accident and Emergency department which sent me home with a displaced and broken ankle for a week.

There have often been times (like recently) when I felt the Blog didn't have so much to offer as it once did and it's only been because of what has been happening at St. Peter's that has made me keep it going.

Not least, the forthcoming inquest into the death of James Phelan who was admitted to the A and E and then 'went missing', only to be found a week later, dead on the side of 'St. Peter's Way',  outside the hospital.

So, I think I'll keep on bothering them for a bit longer.

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